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Another year of outstanding public examination results

UPDATE: Read about Sexey's league-topping exam results on publication of the official DfE performance tables in January 2017, here.


The current Year 11 cohort achieved record-breaking GCSE results, surpassing last year’s exceptional results. Our Sexeians achieved 83.3% 5+ A*-C including English and Maths, which is the highest result achieved since 2007, and 86.1% of students achieved A*-C in English and Maths – the highest result recorded at the school. The Value Added score is also way above the target, by 20 points (1047). These outstanding results show that we continue to go from strength to strength in the core subjects, as well as across the broader curriculum.

There are some real success stories too, including SEND student Eldon Scase who came to Sexey’s in Year 9 with severe dyslexia and was predicted an E for English Language. He achieved an A for English Language and exceeded his targets in eight subjects – testimony to all the hard work and effort put in by staff members and by Eldon. His parents Fiona and Martin are delighted by the support and encouragement given to him by Sexey’s, saying, “We’re absolutely over the moon. Eldon really deserves what he’s got. It’s been a real struggle for us but these results are a great affirmation for the system and the work that Sexey’s has done. Eldon’s abilities have always been evident to us and we’re so pleased that these results reflect that.”

Other noteworthy pupils include a long roster of high-achievers:

- Eleanor Dibble, 12 A*-A (7 A*, 5 A)
- James Beedle, 11 A*-A (7 A*, 4 A)
- Max Doughty, 9 A*-A (5 A*, 4 A)
- Abigail Parr, 9 A*-A (5 A*, 3 A)
- Emily Douglass, 9 A*-A (3 A*, 6 A)
- Hal Hooberman, 9 A*-A (3 A*, 6 A)
- Luca Melville, 9 A*-A (3 A*, 6 A)
- Matthew Gates, 8 A*-A (2 A*, 6 A)
- Katherine Leeming, 8 A*-A (1 A*, 7 A)
- Natasha Thrippleton, 8 A*-A (1 A*, 7 A)
- Oliver Wade, 7 A*-A (2 A*, 5 A)
- Rosselyn Atkins, 6 A*-A (2 A*, 4 A)

Elaine Beedle, James’s mother said, “I’m so pleased with the support Jamie’s had over the years at Sexey’s. Thank you so much to everyone involved.”

Congratulations also go to the following students who met, or exceeded, their targets in all subject areas, including Hannah Bevan, Flynn Haddigan, Ryan Hilborne, Lewis King, Amelia Marston, Elly Parnell, Gen Pierce, Ben Philips, Eldon Scase, George Sykes, Rhianon Woolard.

Sexey's Average Attainment 8 Grade 2016 is 5.85 (FFT prediction: 5.67) and its Average Total Progress 8 2016 is 0.63 (FFT prediction: 0.42). N.B. These figures only reflect students that had a Key Stage 2 measure on arrival at Sexey's.

Students in this cohort achieving the E-Bacc is 32.4%. 

A Level

Sexey's outstanding A Level results in 2016 have remained as consistently strong as last year, with 34% of students once again achieving A*-A grades and 86% achieving A*-C for the second year in a row - the highest A*-A grades achieved at Sexey’s School since 2012.

Sexey’s results are well above the national level published by the Joint Council for Qualifications, as follows: A*-A 34.4% (Sexey’s) versus 25.7% (national), A*-B 61.93% (Sexey’s) versus 50.9% (national), A*-C 86.24% (Sexey’s) versus 75% (national).

Sexeians with particularly noteworthy successes in 2016 include:

- Lynsey Whittaker, A* (Biology) A* (Mathematics) A (Chemistry), originally from Sexey’s School, going to Cambridge to read Veterinary Medicine
- Ed Dowding, A* (English Literature), A (History), A (Politics), originally from Sexey’s School, going to Edinburgh to read Economic and Social History
- Ella Hutchinson, A* (History), A (Mathematics), A (Politics), A (EPQ), originally from Sexey’s School, going to LSE to read Government and History
- Flora Jardine, A* (Mathematics), A (Biology), A (Chemistry), A (Physics), A* (EPQ), originally from Durham Johnstone School, going to Edinburgh to read Medicine
- Callum John, A* (Mathematics), A (Chemistry), A (Physics), originally from Frome Community College, taking a gap year, applying 2017
- Ellen McNeill, A* (Psychology), A (Biology), A (English Language), originally from West Somerset Community College, going to Durham to read Psychology
- Hannah Petrovic, A* (Mathematics), A (Further Mathematics), A (Physics), A* (EPQ), originally from Sexey’s School, going to Durham to read Physics and Astronomy
- Phoebe Searle, A* (Psychology), A (Biology), A (History), originally from Sexey’s School, going into full time employment
- Dan Smaje, A* (Chemistry), A (Biology), A (Mathematics), originally from Frome Community College, going to UCL to read Biochemistry
- Matthew Hunt, A (Biology), A (Mathematics), A (Psychology), originally from Sexey’s School, going to Southampton to read Psychology
- Holly Austin, A (Biology), A (Chemistry), A (English Literature), originally from King Arthur’s, going to Bristol to read Psychology

Commenting on her success, Lynsey Whittaker said, “Gaining a place to study Veterinary Medicine is the culmination of seven years’ hard work and outstanding support from Sexey’s; I can’t thank everyone enough. To be able to do this course at Cambridge University is just unbelievable.”

We would also like to congratulate students Ed Dowding and Telita Worthington, who achieved two or more grades higher than originally predicted at the start of their A Level course.

Sexey’s also reported a number of top grade achievements in AS Levels, with many students on target to achieve the top grades next year.

These results at both GCSE and A Level at Sexey’s bucks the national trend, where there has been a significant decline in results. It is an opportunity for us all to celebrate our students’ accomplishments and hard work. 

Head Master Irfan Latif said, “In addition to our consistently strong grades, I would like to add that at Sexey’s, we embrace a culture in education that goes beyond percentages, and awards pupils’ passion for bigger life goals, aspirations and values. Our dedicated staff – who regularly go over and above both in and out of the academic arena - work hard to promote those qualities”.


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