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CABARET EVENING feat. Sexey's Wind Band - Thursday 23rd April, 7pm, Main Hall


Joint Schools Concert - February 2015

The Joint Schools Concert was this year hosted by Bruton School for Girls, and performed at King's College Bruton. Our students were involved in a lovely rendition of the Somerset Rhapsody by Gustav Holst, which involved all three schools joining together to perform this impressive orchestral piece. The school choirs then joined together to perform the beautiful and moving choral piece by Paul Mealor, 'Wherever you are', made famous by the Military Wives Choir. 

Faelan Sydenham also played two movements of the Tellerman recorder sonata, accompanied by Mrs Sydenham, one of our piano teachers here at Sexey's.

Miss Middleton would like to thank all those students who gave up their time to take part in this concerts, and to thank Bruton School for Girls and King's for the continued friendship between the Music Departments.

Christmas Concert SmallChristmas Concert - December 2014

This concert was a celebration for "that time of year", with the creme de la creme of Sexey's musical talent. Marking the festive season there were many different performers; we were treated to some highlights from the School Choir, whose singing was compared to a Songs of Praise standard. The harmonies that were sung by both the staff and students of Sexey's were well rehearsed. The audience was treated to a sneak peak of Little Shop of Horrors when the cast took to the stage to perform Skid Row and Da-Doo - with William Annetts-Burke playing the clumsy yet loveable main character of Seymour. There were many students who also came forward to perform either as a soloist or duet; Carmen Reynolds faced her fears and sang a beautiful rendition of 'Let it Go' from Disney's Frozen. Faelan Sydenham performed a movement from a Recorder sonata, accompanied by one of our Piano teachers, Mrs Sydenham. Toria Ives and Charlotte Peach continued the Frozen theme, singing the duet 'For the First Time in Forever' to tremendous applause. Rosie Carroll broke the heart of every audience member and brought tears to their eyes with her performance of 'Say Something' by A Great Big World and Laurie McMahon astounded us with another composition that he had written.

The Wind Band, led by Pete Bettle and Steve Jobbins, then rounded off the concert with a Christmas medley and a couple of sing along classic, which left the audience in good spirits...although the Mulled Wine could've had something to do with that as well.

The talent demonstrated in this concert was fantastic and the music department would like to thank all those who performed, and for their dedication to keep music alive!


Acoustic Night - October 2014

With the start of the new school year, what better way to settle in, let down your hair and meet people then at the Music Departments Acoustic Night!
Performers from all Year Groups came forward to perform during our schools music week down at the Sixth Form Centre, bringing many different genres and styles to the evening.
It was lovely to see some of our more regular performers, such as Jack Wingate, Laurie McMahon and Alice Vincent return to the stage, but even better to see some new faces in the performers list. One of the stand out
 numbers has to be Ollie Perkins' rendition of Starry Eyed - he captured the audiences attention and then even joined in singing and clapping along. There are some performers who need a little more courage to grace the stage area and stare back at all the expectant faces of the Acoustic Night audience, which is why it was so lovely to see Rob Clackson, a hidden talent, perform not only one solo song but a duet with Jack Wingate.

We even had a piece of classical guitar played to us by GCSE Music student Dan Coombes, who enthralled the students and parents who had come to watch. Several new comers to Sexey's became part of the music scene on this evening, with performances from Annabel Thrippleton, who has the voice of an angel, Julian Herbst, who showed us that Pachelbel's canon can really rock, and Michael Blackmore, bringing a comedic element to his performances and gracing us with two acoustic guitar songs.

Remember we are always looking for performers for our concerts, so watch this space and we look forward to seeing you all at the next Acoustic Night, Thursday March 4th 2015!!

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House Music Competition - September 2014

Golledge, Hob House, Knight and Glynn Jones all put forward their most talented performers for this years house competition - with all three age groups (Junior, Inter and Senior) performing on the same evening. The sense of camaraderie and competition was thick in the air. There were several familiar faces in the performers, but it was lovely to see so many of our newer students come forward to represent their house.

Each year it is the tricky task of finding performers to volunteer themselves, and unfortunately Knight House did not have a lot of success in doing so, leading to their coming last in the competition. A notable performance had to have been Rob Clackson, who managed to build up the courage to perform in front of his piers with a heart breaking rendition of "Wanted". Hob House came third by a hair, having provided more performers than Knight House. Amanda Lam gave us a lovely performance on piano, show casing how well she has progressed throughout her time at Sexey's. But it was Golledge that stole second place, with Laurie McMahon treating us to a performance of one of his own beautiful competitions. Truly a star in the making. Glynn Jones took first place maintaining their high talent level in Music and introducing a new face to the music scene; Michael Blackmore.

Well done to all who took place and we look forward to next years competition! Will Glynn Jones be able to maintain their music title or will Knight House manage to steal it from them?

Acoustic Night - June 2014  

Prof  Roll 1

This terms Acoustic Night was a momentus occassion; the moment to mark the end of an era as we bade farewell to our Year 11 students, ready to start their study leave and their exams. It also marked the return of the staff band - Prof and Roll - who performed at the very start of the evening, kicking off Noah  DanAcoustic Night with their renditions of Ruby and I'm A Believer. Mr McManus stole the show with his velvet voice, accompanied by Mr "Hit it" Hunt on drums, Mr Armand on Guitar and guest starring Mr Harry on keys and Rock Band's very own Keiran Withey. The group really got the crowd involved, with them clapping and singing along enthusiastically.

As the sun started to set outside of the Sixth Form Centre the performances continued, with the Rock Band performing the popular Artcitc Monkey's track, Do I Wanna Know? Lead singer Dan Higginson got into the spirit of things, even going so far as to dress up in an Afro wig and sun glasses. 

It was lovely to see a lot of our Year 11's performing for the final time at Sexey's; such as Emily Davis and Rhian Stroud, two of our GCSE Music Students and both with voices of angels. Emily managed to keep strong with her performance despite the troublesome breeze trying to blow her lyrics off the music stand!

As well as our Year 11's we had numerous other performers for the Acoustic Night; Lucy Febrey, Emily Brady and Laurie McMahon gracing the performance space. A perfect night of entertainment for a Summers evening.

 Inter and Junior House Competition - May 2014

Music House Competition Small

This was probably the hardest contest that Miss Middleton and Miss Stevens have ever seen! The talent that was brought to the table was fantastic.

For the Juniors we kicked off with a group of Golledge House girls singing their arrangement of See Beneath You're Beautiful, Holly Webb, Caitlin Thomas and Lucy Coville set the bar high for the rest of the competition. Best performance of the evening for the Junior competition was from Lucia, representing Glynn-Jones, who played a beautiful piano piece for us. The final result saw Golledge winning the Junior competition, with Glynn-Jones as runner up. A last minute performance from Hugo Peel secured Knight third place, but a no-show from the Juniors of Hobhouse saw them trail in last place. 

The Inters competition also brought another jam-packed load of talent, with some new surprises crawling out of the woodwork. It was lovely to see our regular music performers coming forward to support their Houses; Faelan Sydenham playing yet one of the many instruments that he can - this time we were treated to a piano solo. George Stewart-Sendell came forward with Uke in hand to perform Use Somebody and gave an effortless and confident performance.

The surprise performance of the day, after attempting to talk them into performing numerous times, was Rob Clackson; he accompanied himself on guitar and wowed the audience with his souly voice, helping Knight house to take first place. The competition was tight, with Golledge coming second, Glynn-Jones third and, thanks to a last minute appearance from Isaac Mills, Hobhouse coming in last.

All performances are availble on our Soundcloud account: soundcloud.com/sexeysmusic





Spring Concert - April 2014Spring tiny


This concert showcased a range of music, from Pop to Folk and Classical. After a busy term, including the school show, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, and music week, an array of instrumental and vocal exams, as well as all the concerts and performances held this term, it was beautifully rounded up in this Spring Concert.

The whole concert was kicked off by a Year 9 Group, who impressed with their performance of See Beneath You're Beautiful (Labrinth) from their latest project within lessons. Their performance was mature and well thought out, with some complex arranging of harmonies included. A recording of their performance can be found on our Soundcloud account.

We also had performances from our two quarter finalists of the Rotary International Young Musician competition; Faelan Sydenham performed two classical pieces for recorder, whilst Laurie McMahon performed Slide (Jake Bugg) and one of his latest own compositions, Stars.

There were several performances from our GCSE students and we were graced by a jazzy duet by Ollie Perkins and our Woodwind teacher, Peter Bettle.

At Sexey's we run several ensemble groups, who performed within the Spring Concert; The Folk Group played some traditional Irish melodies, whilst the Pop Choir kept us up to date with their performances of Royals (Lorde) and Counting Stars (One Republic). The Wind Band gave us a taster of their up coming concert, which will be on Wednesday 7th May.


Joint Schools Concert - October 2013


The Joint Schools concert in October saw the reunion of the schools of Bruton; King's Bruton, Bruton School for Girls, Bruton Primary and our very own Sexey's.

It was a pleasure to play host to the musical talents of all the schools and made for an enjoyable programme.

The schools joined together to perform In Paradisum from Faure's "Requiem", which can be found on our Soundcloud account.




Instrumental Concert - June 2013

Drumfest 13The Instrumental Concert, or Drumfest 2013 as Miss Stevens likes to call it, showcased a myriad of musical talents from the Sexey's students. As you walked into the concert, you could see that the Main Hall had been filled with not one, not two, but three drum kits. The grand piano was on open display with conga's to the side of it, with a couple of microphones set up on the stage area. The performance included drumming, singing of duets and solos, drumming, playing piano, drumming, strumming guitars and...you guessed it - drumming! But what a talented group of rhythmical drummers we have here at Sexey's, taught by Mr Steve Jobbins.

The performance was kicked off by Charlie Bygrave who did some fantastic drumming along to a music video, showcasing his time keeping and rhymical ability. photo2This was followed by a performance from Amber Brook on acoustic guitar, playing one of her ABRSM exam pieces. Matthew Hunt astounded the audience with his fast flowing movement upon the conga's, along with Ramond Allen, who made his debut performance on drums at this concert. Another debut was made by Ali Jones, who graced us with her beautiful vocal talent, accompanied by the ever talented James Bennett. Sam Wilson was another to make a debut performance, upon his own drum kit no less, fully equiped with double bass pedal, numerous cymbals, gloves and backwards cap, showing he was ready to rock! Oscar Fox played a beautiful piece of Bach upon the piano from memory and played with such emotion. Matt and Charlie came back onto the stage to give the comical highlight of the evening, a drum-off duet, which included some complicated dual rhythms and some humourous Drumfest 14moments - where Matt sat on the front of the kit taking photos and Charlie managed to check up on facebook during the performance. Amber also performed a second time, accompanied by Rossy Atkins on piano, and they both sang their cover of Jar of Hearts whilst the audience listened on with baited breath. Emily Davis and Rhian Stroud picked up the tempo again with a duet of Valerie, leaving people with a smile on their face. Lucy Febrey and Georgiana Ives have been having singing lessons for only one term, but felt that they would like to perform, so did a cover of Love Story by Taylor Swift, which was beautiful. Both of their voices are growing stronger week by week. Raymond Allen played a drum solo along to a couple of tracks, being his first ever performance on drums at school. He had brilliant timing and a fantastic rhythm that made people dance in their seats. He was then joined by all the drummers for a finale like no other. Drumfest 2They segued into a pulsating beat that left the whole audience wanting more.

There was a good turn out for the concert and it was lovely to see so many students and parents out to show their support. The talent that this school possess astounds all the teachers and it's concerts like this one that allow people to see how much our students can achieve.

Well done to all who took part and thank you to all who came along - here's to the next one!






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