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What’s the best way to ensure that your child is safe on the internet?
We all know that the internet can be a great help in education – and indeed it is used frequently in school.

But it can also cause problems. Some of the material available online is clearly not suitable for children and there are many problems that can arise.

You’ll probably have heard about people on Internet chat rooms who are not who they claim to be. You might also have heard about bullies who use the internet to make the life of others an absolute misery.

As if that weren’t enough some young people exchange recordings of pop and rock songs via the internet. It might seem an innocent activity to them – but in most cases it is illegal and can lead to court action.

We can well understand that by this point you are probably thinking that the best bet is to ban your son or daughter from ever using the Internet again.

Unfortunately even if you did that, the chances are that your child would quickly re-establish connection via a computer game or a mobile phone.

In fact the best way to help your child is for you to be aware of the dangers of the Internet, so that you can recognise the danger signals and act before it is too late.

For this reason the school has provided some information below which we hope you will look through and discuss with your children.


Google - Family Safety Advice

Microsoft Online Safety and Privacy Education

Think You Know Parents section of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre website

Think you know - teenagers  Keeping yourself safe.  Keeping the internet fun

Cyberbulling  bullying on mobiles, Facebook and social networks what to do and how to prevent it.



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