Coombe House

A veritable hive of activity, Coombe House is home to seventy girls and boys. You can follow news and updates on Twitter @Coombe_House.

Meet the Houseparents


Housemaster: Mr Philip Todd Mr Todd, Coombe Housemaster

Mr Todd teaches Biology in school and has been leading in the Sexey’s boarding community for many years. He gives a real sense of authority and calm to the boarding house and students know to go to him if there is anything they have questions about or need. A keen bird watcher who spent three years at university studying gulls, Mr Todd is also enthusiastic about kayaking and singing.


Housemistress: Ms Elaine Luckham

E LuckhamElaine has a background in higher education and careers advice as well as teaching English as a foreign language.  With a Post Graduate qualification in Coaching, Elaine has had a life long interest in personal development and well-being. She says: “The key coaching skills – listening, good communication, unconditional regard for others – are something I can pass on to boarders in everyday conversation and interaction. I love the friendly, family feel of Coombe”. Her dog Bella (Boo) is loved by the boarders and she adores the attention she gets from them, although she is apparently “a calming influence at bedtime”! Elaine’s three children attended boarding schools, giving her valuable insights from both their, and her own experience.

Matron: Mrs Fiona Harvey

Mrs Harvey steers a tight ship at Coombe and is well loved by all of the students, who look to her for their day-to-day concerns and arrangements.

Assistant Housemaster: Mr Isaac Ward

Isaac Ward studied French at the University of Liverpool where he was awarded the Heather Osborne Memorial Award. He was also awarded scholarships to study in China and India due to academic prowess. Isaac completed his studies at the University of Bristol in International Relations MSc before beginning his teacher career. Isaac teaches French and PE, and worked as a House Tutor in every boarding house at Sexey’s during his first year. He then became Assistant Housemaster in February 2018. Besides French, Mr Ward enjoys going to the gym and debating ideas with the members of Coombe House.

Assistant Housemistress: Miss Rosa Simms-Preston

Coombe House Tutor: Mr S Roberts