Boarding newsletters

Boarding House team meeting

Read the latest updates from Coombe and Macmillan House, authored by our Director of Boarding, Mr Haydn Kershaw.

In which we provide updates on the school wifi system and school resources shop purchases. We wish you a very happy Exeat!

In which we reflect on the students’ return to the boarding houses post-lockdown for Covid-19 and share photos of their team-building exercises.

In which we are visited by the Easter bunny (literally!) and the House Parents send messages to all Boarders during the period of school closure.

In which we share our support during the Covid-19 outbreak, and ask boarders to complete a short survey on activities in the boarding houses for feedback and future planning. We also include a great point of view piece from Year 13 boarder Alicia Mackenzie, on what it’s like to board during a pandemic.

In which we provide an extended update on our academic support in the Boarding Houses. We conclude with a round up of the weekend’s activities, including Pot Doodle and mountain biking at Greatwood, in the Quantocks.

In which we take you on a tour of the Boarding Houses’ evening games (can you guess the Pictionary answer?!). Also covering recent trips including a theatre visit to Blythe Spirit, and in-house events, such as the Lion Dance workshop routine from Chinese New Year. This edition also includes a ‘Focus on…’ the Army Cadet Force, which runs in Castle Cary on Monday nights. Hear from RSM Albert Steele on that.

In which we report from our trip to We the Curious Bristol and also cover Game of Phones, dorm decorations, and Nigerian food!