Year 6 Transition 2021

Thank you for applying for a place at Sexey’s School. We are looking forward to welcoming our incoming Year 6s and meeting you all as soon as possible!

You will be receiving a letter with details for our Virtual Transition Evening on Wednesday 24th March shortly. The purpose of this event is to welcome you to our school community, update you on recent developments in school, and share the transition process with you. We will also be answering any of the questions you might have.

School tour

As we’ve been in lockdown, you might not have had an opportunity to look around our school yet. Our students Romy and Lilybeth are excited to show you around in our school tour video here:

Key dates

  • Wednesday 24 March: Welcome Evening
  • Wednesday 23 June: SEND Transition Day
  • Wednesday 7 July: Year 6 Induction Day and Parent Meeting

Sexey’s students’ top tips

We also asked our current Year 7s for their top tips for those starting out at Sexey’s:

Tips from Year 7 for Year 6 students

(Click here to download a pdf of this document.)

Our Year 11 students have also written a letter to you all, as follows:

Dear 2021 Year 7 Students,

Welcome to Sexey’s!

We are Year 11 students who have been at Sexey’s for 4 years now and wanted to get in touch to let you know what it is like, as well as talk about any concerns you may be having.

It may seem strange and new at first, but everyone is super welcoming. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to make friends and try out something new. We have afterschool clubs such as swimming, badminton, hockey, an orchestra and string group, the school play, and plenty of other more creative ones.

The teachers are always there to help if it is needed and you can go to your tutor at any time if you have a problem. Our pastoral team is really nice, and for next year when you are joining us we have a brilliant and hard working team of prefects that will hopefully be able to make you transition to Sexey’s a lot smoother, just look out for us; we are the ones with a different colour tie.

We have lots of different classes that you can take the opportunity to learn something new. Whether it be academic, sports related or something creative. There will be different lessons to what you learnt in primary school but a lot more interesting.

Our advice for you is work hard and find something that you like, make friends and enjoy it as best as you can. Don’t worry if you aren’t coming with any friends or with a lot. You will always make new ones and have more fun with them.

The one main thing is if you go into this transition with and open and optimistic mind then everything will go swimmingly.

Good luck,

Anna Crichton (Senior prefect for year 7) and  Imogen Bartin (Prefect)

School uniform

We are currently reviewing our uniform and will be in touch with a uniform list as soon as possible.

Mr Clackson provides parents with an overview of pastoral support at Sexey’s

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know! We look forward to welcoming you at Sexey’s!