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When joining Sexey's Sixth Form, students in Year 12 initially choose four subjects to study. One of these subjects will be dropped after AS Level, with three subjects taken forward into full A Level. Decisions on which subjects will be continued on to A Level will be made after trial examinations in the Lent term of Year 12, in conjunction with careers guidance and consultation. This will give students the maximum flexibility and choice to continue with subjects that they enjoy and do well in, as preferences often change throughout the first year. While in the majority of cases, only one subject examination will be sat at AS Level (with the remaining three sat at A Level), initially in will be assumed that all four have equal status.

The curriculum sheets are here to give you an overview of the topics you will be studying in each course. They may be subject to some changes from the examination boards. Should you have more questions on anything included on these pages, please don't hesitate to ask us. 

In Year 13 students also have the opportunity of studying the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). 

Step 1

Read these pages carefully, then, at the Open Evening talk to staff about their subjects. Find out about the content of the course, how and when it’s examined, entry requirements, how it is taught, whether the subject is appropriate to your needs and whether it interests you. Collect the information sheets that staff have available as these may also have extra important information that could help you to make an informed choice. All students are expected to study the minimum of four full AS Levels.

Step 2


Talk and consult with as many people as possible, as this can be helpful. These may include: your current tutor, subject staff, parents, sixth form students, careers advisor, Director of Sixth Form.

Step 3

Attend a careers discussion with a member of the Sixth Form team. Discuss any career ideas you may have or university plans, your strengths and your interests. They will advise you of suitable subject choices. Initial choices will be made at this stage.

Step 4

You will be invited to an Induction day in the Summer term, which will give you a second chance to meet subject teachers, talk to existing students and meet with Sixth Form Tutors and the Head of Sixth Form. Final subject choices will be made.

Step 5A_Levels

After you have received your GCSE results, you will need to contact the school (01749 813393) to inform them of your grades, or speak directly to the Sixth Form team to confirm your place. You will be sent an offer letter and details of Enrolment Day will be available on the website. If you wish to change your choices or discuss your courses please ask to speak to a member of the Sixth Form team who will give you the best possible advice.


Updated September 2016


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