Headteacher’s weekly notes 26.03.18

Headteacher’s weekly notes 26.03.18

I hope that the Easter holidays have begun well for you.  As I write this the sun is shining beautifully in Bristol, and I hope that wherever you are the weather and setting is perfect for you.

We have had a full and productive term with a great deal to be proud of; the successful Boarding Ofsted which highlighted the strength of the school in providing a positive boarding experience for our children as well as the high standards of student progress, being just one of them.  All of our students continue to impress me with their high standards of uniform and ability to respond to new ways of working in Sexey’s, to the benefit of all.

To that end, we will be introducing a new rewards and consequences approach when we return from the Easter break.  Students will have new entry and exit to classroom routines explained to them and all staff will be adhering to the new system.  This involves lining up outside quietly, standing behind the chair before being asked to sit down, teacher checks of uniform and school equipment and a carefully managed exit routine from the classroom.

To limit any low level disruption, which may be hindering the learning of other students during the lesson itself, we will be introducing a ‘reflection room’ for those students who cannot self-regulate after one warning about their behaviour.  If a student does not respond to a warning and continues to misbehave, they will be taken to the reflection room to work with the guidance of a member of staff.  In addition, we will be rewarding those students who consistently behave well and should get recognition for it.

I hope that we will get your support as parents and carers for this new approach.

To end on a piece of concerning news; at the end of term, Mr Philip Clackson, Assistant Headteacher i/c pastoral, behaviour, attendance and safeguarding suffered a major heart attack in Yeovil Hospital.  He was admitted to ITU and is now in a different ward and recovering.  The whole school community has sent wishes of love and consideration and a hope for a strong recovery.  I am sure you will join us in our thoughts for Mr Clackson who is a key figure of the school community.

In his absence, I have rearranged the responsibilities of the Senior team to enable Mr Clackson’s role to be covered. Mr D Bull will be Designated Safeguarding Lead and I have made space for Mr Bull to do this by giving aspects of his current role to the extra leadership capacity sought through Cathedral School’s Trust.  Mr Matt Hall will be leading on teaching and learning and staff CPD.  He will also provide support in Post 16.  Matt is an experienced Deputy Headteacher and S.L.E (Specialist Leader in Education).  Mr Paul Skipp will be leading on attendance, behaviour, pupil premium tracking and SEND.  Paul is an experienced Deputy Vice Principal and Headteacher and S.L.E.  We are very fortunate to have individuals of such calibre working in the school to continue the school improvement journey.  Mr Hall and Mr Skipp will introduce themselves to the children in assemblies once we return from the Easter holidays.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support and I wish all of you a joyous and uplifting Easter.