Headteacher’s weekly notes: 02.02.18

Headteacher’s weekly notes: 02.02.18

Another busy week has passed with a flurry of activity happening all over the school, local community and county.

I attended the Somerset Secondary Head’s Association (SASH) meeting today and was encouraged to hear about the collaborative plans to work together as a group of Headteachers to address the issue of childhood mental health problems. There was an interesting presentation from Somerset County Council on how public health and education are working together to provide training for staff on how to coach children in the regulation of their emotions.  I will be putting Sexey’s forward for this.

On this matter, the examination season for Year 11 and Year 13 is just around the corner and it can be a pressurised time for our students. If you have children in these age groups,  please do encourage them to take time out and to talk about how they are feeling.  Please do let us know if the school can help in any way.

The school continues to work hard on their improvement journey.  Standards in Boarding, since Mr Kiely’s, arrival have risen, with greater scrutiny on processes and systems which will serve our boarders better.  We had a very well attended parent drop in session recently where myself and Mr Kiely fed back the positive steps forward, which had been noticed by Anne Burrell DfE School Advisor during her visit to the school on the 10th January.

The Science faculty has commissioned an external review of their work from Cathedral School’s Trust, which takes place next week.  This is all part of our drive for improvement and self-awareness.

It feels as though not only exams but Spring is just around the corner and I wish you all the best.